Philosophy Statement

All Areas Family Day Care statement of philosophy will guide our interactions with children, Educators, staff, parents and the community.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land.  We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present, and the Elders from other communities who may be present within the Educators’ homes or at the Coordination Unit.

We believe in cherishing the relationships children have with their family.  We see the family as the most important connection a child has and support them in their individual desires for their child’s care, development and learning.  We encourage and invite all families to become involved in their child’s curriculum on a regular basis.

We believe in treasuring the relationships the children have with their Educators and acknowledge the significance and trust required by all parties involved.  We value the unique care opportunities that Family Day Care provides to the community and the need to offer families quality and flexible care for their children.

We believe in the importance and relevance of play in a child’s development and acknowledge that play enables children to enjoy, participate, learn, practice, experiment and become contributing and successful members of the community.

We believe in allowing children the freedom to create their own marks, empower their ability to make decisions, promote confidence in their own abilities, encourage a healthy self-esteem and support them to develop at their own pace.

We believe in appreciating the precious and unique moments that occur each day and use these times to understand the children on an individual level.  We appreciate that it is these moments that shape our curriculum and offer the children and families a meaningful avenue for care and learning.

We believe in embracing the cultural diversity of the community we live in, where values, rights and differing perspectives are respected and understanding and empathy are encouraged.  We acknowledge that cultural diversity relates to gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, customs, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences.  We encourage the inclusion of community members into the lives of the children and the inclusion of the children, their learning, development and curriculum, into the wider community.

We believe on educating young children about the importance of the natural world and show them how to sustain natural resources, use products wisely and understand the impact we have on the world we live in.  We aim to make a difference wherever we can, from the Coordination Unit through to the Educators’ homes.

We believe in the Early Years Learning Framework and uphold the ideologies of Belonging, Being and Becoming as a way to create holistic approaches towards every child in care.  We value the knowledge imparted in this document and use it to shape our practice across the service.